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The Section3D Editor and Viewer application was developed to enhance corridor modeling and cross section capabilities of Autodesk Civil 3D. Section3D can be used with any combination of alignments, profiles and surfaces to create custom user defined templates without VBA programming. Cross sections are dynamically linked with all Civil 3D objects and can be superimposed on the adjacent sections with any marked points labeled with offset and elevation information. Cross sections are edited graphically or by using the Section3D Editor with ease and flexibility and can be saved for future use as a full or partial template. In addition to the dynamic corridor model, any combination of Links and Points can be imported directly into AutoCAD as 3D polylines.

Download Section3D for 30 day trial from the following links and browse the Section3D coding manual and solutions from the page. Please be assured that installing Section3D will not disrupt the existing AutoCAD/Civil 3D settings or configurations in any way.

For Windows 7 users, you may want to install Section3D under a user-defined folder (e.g. "C:\Section3D") if you do not have the full read-write access rights to the default "C:\Program Files (x86)" installation folder.

See the below links if you don't have the full read-write access rights to the Section3D installation folder:

Contact for any installation problems.