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Rail- Double Track

Tunnel Part 1

Tunnel Part 2

Rail-Double-Track - Diversion

Divided Highway Part 1

Divided Highway Part 2 (with bridge and retaining Wall)

Divided Highway Part 3 with median

Divided Highway with Rock Ditch

Road Superelevation Part 2 (Switching Superelevation Pivot Point).

Road Reconstruction Part 2 (with retaining wall)

Rail Corridor with diverging/converging tracks

Retaining Walls And benching

Retaining Wall Part 2 (Tiered)

Canals and Channels

Ditch with lining in Fill Case

Dam and multiple surfaces

Targeting Multiple surfaces (Rock, Muskeg and Strippings)

Intersection Part 1

Intersection Part 2

Pond and Parking Lot